Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm so angry

I'm so angry today.

Today my church got cooking aktiviti.

I'm non stop taking pic wit them

but got one of my fucking friend say

keep ur mouth shup la

u din do anything also.

everytime when we doing project

or anything he also dun have help us

but he always wan to be the head

i hate the people like this

like a shit sucker

i really very angry now

i really wan to kill him

kill the bastard

he think he is the best

is the funnies

is the popular

but dun have people see he real face

cuz he wearing a very big mask .

But someday i must

take the mask away

i wan everybody see his real face

he jus a sucker bastard idiot stupid sohai jibai lanjiao chao ji bai

Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm sick

Hai everybody

today i din't go to school

because i'm sick.

yesterday night when i sleep i feel tat my stomach very pain

then i go to toilet lol

i think after all will nothing then i din't take


After a few hour my stomach pain again and again and again

if i din't guest wrong i think i already go toilet 7 time

oh my god who can HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey my friend dun think only u will give me suprise after holiday.

I also will give u suprise,

u wanna know wat suprise i think u better wait after holiday



i say already this is a suprise.


I think all my form 3 friend

using thier holiday to do revision right

cuz i'm also do revision everyday haha

anyway i know all of my friend very hardworking

but if u reading becuz u dun wan let ur parents dissadpointed

i told u if u use this reason to force urself to read

u really cant get good result in ur PMR.

All my dear friend dun force urself to read

read like u very happy and like u plying a life game.

So for all my friend GABATEH in ur exam

remember RELAX!!!


Friday, August 21, 2009

My World

My world
is a lonely world.
Nobody will care about me
and nobody will know wat i think.
Everyday when
I come to school I will
bring a friendly heart and
bring a happy heart.
I want all
my friend happy everyday
even i do the foolish things the stupid things
I just wanna my friend smile but nobody will know it.
Everyday when i start talking,
I must give my friend scold or anything.
May be the best way to make my friend happy is
leave them away stop talking wit them and doing anything in class.
May be this is my real world,
no friend,no life,no meaningful,
just a lonely world only me there.
But i hope,
and i wish GOD will
give my friend a happy heart
smile everyday and will not be sad again.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I get my real answer

Today morning my friend talk about tomoro got go school or not
then sundenlly a my friend(poh wai) ask me for tomoro got come to school ma
then i say yes i got then another girl say
u come or din come also dun have people care de la.
This really let me know the answer of the question in my heart long time
now i already know my freind never care about me also
now i know i jus only a little ant in thier heart i will tell myself
tat when u got best thing they must be good to u but
when u dun have best thing to share wit them
they sure will not care to u.
after tat i think about pmr i ask my friend beside me
and in front of me did u start do revision
they say no and they continue talking about
the cd (bleach)
i scold them and say want pmr liao only got 52 days still wan watch tv
then sundelly got a guy ( kum yuan) he say
not nit read de la ply is ply read is another diffrent thing
he always talk about good thing like healty and 大道理
but he never know he also the people like tat.
Then i heard my friend say want go ply
badminton then i say i wan to go too
(becuz i wan 发泄 i very tired becuz of friend problem)
Then when i ply badminton i saw my form 4 friend Eileen.
she is a very kind girl she also very smart and beutiful too.
After tat we start ply badminton i use all my energy to ply i hit
the ball as hard as i can i wan try to forget everything
but now i know i cant i jus only can calm down myself.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I feel so tired so alone

Sometime i jus think did i really very stupid why i always care about my friend why i want to be good to my friend even they scold me hit me talking about my bad things also i never say anything or angry wit them.

Sometime my friend will scold me stupid crazy cause always care about other people care about my friend.But i dun know why my friend will think like this,jus open ur mind ok dun jus thinking about urself think about when u is alone and no friend.

I always did the best thing for my friend,give them punch ply hit scold i also never get angry.I always do some stupid things do somthing that make me feel so shy,but i do this jus wanna my friend happy everyday laugh everyday.But diffrent is my friend never think about it they smile they laugh but they always scold me like a dog.I din say i wanna get sonthing back from them but i jus want a real friend no a friend they always scold me.

Sometime when i saw my friend talking i want to join them,but everytime when i join them they also scold me say me 搭蓬kia but wat i do also they join me then i would not say anything.Is tat really i so stupid evrytime do the best things for my friend always be good for my friend.why sometime my friend will be good for me,but sometime diffrent.

I feel so tired i really want to cry even wat i do also useless know body will know me no body will think about me no body share wit me.I think i have a best friend tat always care about me but diffrent he never think about me he always be cool to me.I'm feel so alone no body will know wat i doing and wat i thinking.....................................................

Hard to be patient

Dun know why i feel so tired evrytime when i saw him i really wan to cry i wan go punch him cuz so hard to let me be patient why i will know a guy a friend like this.But even how i hate him i also be patient sometime i lost control i will find a wall and punch it to cool down myself.So funny why i very care about this why i cant stop thinking about this???